Mental Health Awareness Week

RightMind Therapy & Training are marking Mental Health Awareness Week in Sevenoaks, Kent and beyond as part of the UK’s national week to raise awareness of mental health.

This year the theme for the week is ‘Loneliness’ which affect millions of people in the UK. During this awareness week, we hope that people across the country, people will be reflecting on loneliness and how it impacts our mental health. Long-term loneliness is closely linked to mental health problems such as depression and anxiety.

  Mark Rowland Chief Executive of the Mental Health Foundation said: 

“We hope this year’s theme of loneliness will strike a chord with many of us who felt lonely and struggled throughout the Covid pandemic.  

Millions of us experience loneliness from time to time. We know that some people are at higher risk of experiencing loneliness and the evidence shows the longer we feel lonely, the more we are at risk of mental health problems.

Loneliness deserves more attention and we’re calling on everyone who has struggled as a result of being lonely to share their experiences. We must work together – as individuals, as a society and through government policy – to reduce loneliness and prevent mental health problems by investing in welcoming, social spaces and new community initiatives.”

Some of the ways people can participate in Mental Health Awareness Week:

● During Mental Health Awareness Week use the hashtag #IveBeenThere to share experiences of loneliness to support others and give the campaign momentum.

● Sign up to walk, run or job as part of our 80 Miles in May challenge and share your photos using #80MilesinMayand #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek.

For more information about this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week visit: or join the conversation on social media using #IveBeenThere and #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

If you would like to enquire about counselling support, please get in touch by emailing:

For young people in the Sevenoaks area, RightMind Therapy & Training are working in partnership with Sevenoaks District Council to support 11-18 year olds who have been affected by the Covid pandemic and/or lockdown. For further information on free support, please visit:

Together we can tackle loneliness.

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